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If you don’t speak English, bring a Translator. The Translator must be provided by the Signer(s), not the Notary.


Traditional Notary

Traditional Notary

Traditional Notary


Gustavia travels to the Signer(s). Documents are printed by Gustavia, or the Signer(s)/Client(s). Signer(s)/Client(s) signs the documents and Gustavia completes the notarial act with a traditional notary stamp and a wet signature. Gustavia returns the notarized documents to the Signer(s)/Client(s). 

Electronic Notary

Traditional Notary

Traditional Notary


Gustavia travels to the Signer(s). I will provide an electronic device, (laptop, tablet) at the signing. Signer(s)/Client(s) electronically signs the documents. Gustavia completes the transaction with a digital seal, electronic signature and digital certificate. The notarized documents now reside online for Signer(s)/Client(s) to download and print.  

Remote Notary

Traditional Notary

Remote Notary


The Signer(s)/Client(s) must pass a Knowledge Based Authentication test with a valid ID that passes a Credential/Facial Recognition Analysis. 

Signer(s)/Client(s) needs a computer, camera, microphone and secure/reliable Wifi. Signer(s)/Client(s) can download the documents and print as needed. 

Gustavia’s Mobile Notarial Service
Trust requires an experienced Notary!

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I come to you personally or via electronic technology. I am sensitive to all types of situations and take great care in customer satisfaction. I know you have a choice when searching for a Notary and appreciate the opportunity to notarize your documents.

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